Providing accounting services for non-profits
begins with understanding the mission.

Working with non-profits trying to improve our world is something we love to do.

We know you're stretched and challenged. We want to provide insight that helps you make better decisions so you can make a greater impact.

We believe non-profits need experienced accountants. At Doyle & Horlacher, you work with partners and leaders of our firm.

We understand non-profits do not measure success the same way most other industries do. The unique accounting regulations, financial reporting and federal, state and local tax laws are something that we understand.

We understand the intricacies of managing related and unrelated revenues. We can help you maintain the delicate balance that non-profits require.

We recognize the responsibility of the board to the organization. We work on a personal level with non-profit boards to best serve the organization and its mission.

Our specialists in this area

  • Partner
    Ronald Williams
  • Managing Partner
    Ken Lowery
  • Mickey Basham