Audit and Assurance

Financial statements are a key component to your business.

An audit is the highest level of service in our profession. This is why our senior people are hands-on in every audit we perform. Senior level focus, coupled with our high employee retention, provides you a better audit experience because our team is not relearning your business. Not something you find at most firms.

When the specifics of an audit are not necessary, we can also perform a review or compilation to reach your financial objectives or well agreed-upon procedures and other attest engagements.

In all of our assurance services, our aim is to provide you with more than just a financial statement. We give you actionable information and advice that you can use to improve your business.

We have deep experience in these industries: construction, distribution, hospitality, manufacturing, industrial machine repair, franchises, medical practices, medical devices, real estate, multi-state business, non-profits, country clubs, professional services among others.

Our specialists in this area

  • Partner
    David Horlacher
  • Partner
    Ronald Williams
  • Managing Partner
    Ken Lowery
  • Mickey Basham